Meals – can they be delivered to the Retreats?

Regarding food deliveries, there isn’t a lot on offer in the “delivery to your door space” as uber eats and the like haven’t quite made their way up to this neck of the woods as yet. We are looking forward to that facility arriving here in the future…

However, there IS a solution- Wednesdays to Sundays- (closed Mon & Tues) The Oakbank Pizza Bar down on the Main Road in Oakbank, do however deliver to our Retreats and have done so for many years! If you’d like a piping hot gourmet pizza delivered to your door, between Monday to Sunday night, (Closed Mon & Tues nights) you are welcome to call them on 8388 4670 and place your order.

The menu is here for your perusal- Oakbank Pizza Bar Menu Our favourite pizzas are “Neopolitana” (tomato & salami based with anchovies) and the “Sienna” (chicken base with avocado!) For two, we would recommend “two medium pizza deal.”

Alternatives to this, there are lovely takeaway meals available to heat up (especially since many restaurants and wineries have had to diversify into offering takeaway meals during the Covid-19 situation.) Many have been keeping the takeaway aspect of their business going since starting up again, so some local cafes will have wonderful takeaway options. Butter Chicken, Vegetarian Patties, Tuna Mornay Pies, Beef Stroganoff for example.

A couple of local businesses that I am aware of, that are offering takeaway meals are:

  • The Olive Branch Cafe – Balhannah Junction Shopping Centre, Onkaparinga Valley Drive, Balhannah.      Ph 8398 0009
  • Kelsey Cottage and Catering – (Friday nights- Oven Cooked Pizzas- they are GOOD!)                                  126a Main Road, Balhannah. Ph 8388 4422